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History – Retrospective

Rose Manor is more than just architecturally interesting. It is also of local, women’s and historical significance, with one hundred years of intact archives. Prominent Victoria resident, architect Thomas Hooper, designed one of the earliest sections of the present structure, linking it
to the other buildings in the area, specifically St. Ann’s Academy and the former Fairfield Health Centre (St. Joseph’s Hospital)

1860-1884 ~ Original building was The French Benevolent Hospital  

1884-1897 ~ Building was empty

1897-1907 ~ Lady Aberdeen, the wife of the Governor General of Canada, organized women from various churches in Victoria to take over the building, for the purpose of care for elderly widows who were homeless and poor. It was re- named, “The Aged Infirm Women’s Home of Victoria”, formerly “The Friendly Help Society”. Mrs. William Grant donated rose bushes from her garden at Point Ellice. This donation was announced as a celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The name, “Rose Manor” was formally announced by the Mayor of Victoria on April 26, 1958, on the occasion of the 60th AnniversaryTea.

1907-1971 ~ Additions and renovations continued with new wings being added almost every ten years until a three story dining room was added in 1971.

1979 ~ Accommodation was modified to include men.

1996-1998 ~ Oak Bay Kiwanis Health Care Society assumed responsibility for Rose Manor.

1998 ~ Rose Manor celebrated its 100th birthday. 

1998 ~ BC Housing assumed ownership of Rose Manor to provide supportive accommodation for seniors. The Oak Bay Kiwanis Rose Manor Society was formed to manage the facility. Each member of the Oak Bay Kiwanis Club is a  member of the society.

2000 ~ Demolition of the West Wing commences.

2002 ~ New West Wing opens.

2003 ~ Rose Manor received a “Care” award for excellence for the new West Wing. Construction begins on the South Block and Rupert Wing. Since its inception, Rose Manor has always been managed by volunteers. Oak Bay Kiwanis are  simply carrying on a fine tradition from the past and into the future.

2004-2005 ~ Renovations are concluded. The partnership between BC Housing and the Oak Bay Kiwanis Rose Manor Society in rebuilding the West Wing, renovating the South Block, Rupert Wing, main lounge, kitchen, and dining room has succeeded in creating one of the finest senior’s residences in Victoria. Rose Manor, upon completion, contains 70 suites.